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My name is Veronika Harbachova.
I am a ‹web› developer located in Austin, TX.
And I love to

Let's make something cool together!

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My layouts look and work great on any screen size.


Easy to understand and navigate user interface (UI/UX).


I aim for the shortest loading times for my projects.


Designed to function properly with assistive technologies and ensure usability for every visitor.

Web Development Skills

React JS logo React Native logo Javascript logo HTML logo CSS logo Bootstrap CSS framework logo Node JS logo JQuery javascript library logo Heroku cloud platform logo Google Firebase mobile platform logo MongoDB logo GIT logo

To see my skills in action, check out my portfolio or get in touch and tell me about your project idea!

3 random facts about me:

My portfolio

Million Thank You

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A web app for expressing appreciation to Covid-19 pandemic frontline workers. User-uploaded image with a thank you message is displayed in a popup modal. A collaborative project.


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NodeJSRESTful APIREACT Bootstrap MongoDBRedux

A movie web app that requests users to create their personal account to be able to search info on movies, genres, directors and to save favourite movies to their account.

Native Chat App

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React Native GiftedChat Google Firebase Android Studio Expo CLI

A chat application for mobile devices (Android and iOS) that provides users with a chat interface and the possibility to exchange text messages, images and share their location.

Portfolio Website

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HTMLCSSJSHTML5CSS3SVG animation transitionsgrid flexbox

Yes, the very website you are currently looking at. It is written in pure HTML and CSS with a touch of JS.
I itentionally didn't use any framework or library for it.


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PWAREACT AWS Lambda TDD APIserverless

A progressive web application (PWA) which means it works on any platform.
The app uses the Meetup API to fetch upcoming events for a selected city.

Rijkmuseum Web App

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jQueryAjaxAPIno framework

A jQuery app that allows to search through Rijkmuseum art collection API and displays detailed art piece description in a pop-up modal.


Feel free to connect and message me on LinkedIn: Veronika's LinkedIn

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